Whistle-Blower Exposes “Grotesque” Eye Care Industry Scam – And Reveals How Anyone Can Achieve 20/20 Vision in Days

(Says the secret lies in THIS simple drink)

Wednesday, October 17th 2018

Staff Reporter Cara Reid investigates the story of a former US marine who claims to have uncovered a simple‘trick’ that restores 20/20 vision, hidden in plain sight in the Australian Outback. Read on to discover an eye-opening secret the optometry industry don’t want you to see…

By: Cara Reid

Posted: Wednesday, October 17th 2018

(Spark Health) – It’s 10.42pm, and I’m sat in a booth in the corner of a bar in downtown Los Angeles.

I’m waiting to meet a man called ‘David’. Not his real name I might add; David wishes to remain anonymous.


A former CEO of one of America’s most recognizable optometry brands, ‘David’ has an explosive secret to tell me.

A secret that threatens to blow a hole in the multi-billion dollar optometry industry.

His source is a former US Marine who claims that THIS simple drink can restore anyone’s vision to 20/20 clarity in as little as 21 days.

I take a sip of my Espresso as a man in a flat cap and raincoat approaches my table. “Are you Cara?” he says, looking over his shoulder suspiciously.

I feel like I’m in a cold war spy movie.

Over the next 30 minutes, David unfurls a list of shocking revelations about the optometry industry – not least of which, is this one…

“The eye care industry is the longest running scam in the world”, he whispers.

“It’s grotesque that 6 out of 10 people in the developed world wear corrective lenses, but not a single one of them needs to”, he continues, leaning over the table to get as close to me as he can.

“But what other options are there?” I ask, intrigued.

“Exactly! That’s the question everybody should be asking”, David replies excitedly, before pulling an iPad from his briefcase.

“We’ve all been told that glasses are the only option, but all they do is make your eyesight worse. That’s what they’re designed to do – so you become a customer for life.”

“But take a look at this video”, he says, as he presses play on his tablet and pushes it towards me. “People have no idea how simple it is to restore their sight. Optometrists have known about this trick for years. But we were forbidden from saying anything because if we did, nobody would need glasses ever again.”

What follows next is genuinely shocking – and as a glasses wearer myself, incredibly exciting.

Bizarrely, THIS 2-minute vision-restoring ‘trick’ has been lurking in the Australian Outback for centuries, and has reportedly helped over 51,000 people to achieve 20/20 vision in as little as 21 days, without surgery, pills or any type of corrective lens.

The bad news is, the optometry industry are trying every trick in the book to keep you in the dark.